34 Years in the Wine World and Counting

As a junior in college in the late 1970’s, I had no idea of what career path I would follow.  One evening, with my dad, we discussed possibilities…and got down to wine.  I knew nothing about wine, but thought it would be fun…simply a gut feeling.  Then one evening, my dad pulled out a bottle of 1953 Comte de Vogué Bonnes Mares for us to share.  That sealed it.  With the order to finish college (great advice!!!) I started to wrap my head around wine books, and even tasted some wine.  On a college budget, you can imagine the caliber of what I was drinking.  Following graduation it was off to Burgundy for a year of wine tasting, vineyard and cellar work, and even learn to speak some pretty good French.  Perhaps one of the greatest years in my life.  Following the year in France, I entered the world of fine wine wholesale, which didn’t shake me, and after 2 years, I stopped.

For the next 5-6 years I honed my skills in fine wine retail by managing 2 very good specialty fine wine shops in the Hartford area.  In the late 1980’s I decided to take the giant leap and started my own fine wine shop…Charles Fine Wine.  And now, on my 25th Anniversary (2013) I still love what I do.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you what I have learned over the many years.  One of my greatest pleasures is answering questions from those who know nothing about wine to those who are large collectors.  I love to hear comments, discuss new trends, and when food and recipes are mentioned, that’s my most favorite of all.

Wine should be approached as a completely fun beverage that should always be shared with family and friends.  In my book, there’s nothing better than a great grilled burger and a bottle of Premier Cru Red Burgundy.  And those bottles you have been saving for that “special occasion”??…Isn’t Friday night a special occasion?

Over the years I have tasted thousands of incredibly great wines, including many “museum pieces”…and also some not-so “museum pieces”.  It could be an easy thing to have turned into a wine snob, but that goes against all my beliefs.  Remember…wine should be fun, and that’s how I will treat it here.

All the best & Santé!!!

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